What program should I use to create my iOS8 app icons?

A universal app is a single app which is optimized for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. From user’s viewpoint, this provides the best user experience depriving of downloading two different versions of iOS8 App Development .

When user unlocks the universal app on iPhone, he will see the iPhone version and if user runs it on iPad, one will see the iPad version, but not the “blown-up” version of iPhone app, but the normal designed version for the iPad. Xcode makes coding universal apps icons modest. That said, the whole process is not involuntary. This still involves a lot of additional work to optimize the view organizers due to the differences in device screen sizes. Quite obviously, the view controller for iPhone and iPod touch varies from that of iPad. In Xcode, user can either create user interface using Interface Builder or Storyboard.

The process of creating universal app icons fluctuates depending on the way the user uses UI design. When user first create an Xcode project, it is provided with a selection to define the supported devices. Select “Universal” and Xcode will automatically create a project compatible to all iOS devices. Here user will find two different Storyboard files and user will see two sections of deployment info for different devices.