Platino Cross platform Game Engine (Titanium)

Platino is a game engine for Titanium cross-platform developers with support in iOS and Android mobile game development. Platino permits one to assemble 2D and 2.5D cool and top of the line portable diversions for iOS and Android.

Installation (Get Started)

I assume that you already have titanium studio installed and working on your machine, if you dont know how to install titanium studio please download from here.

Downloading Platino :

Sign Up & Download here :-

Adding Platino module to your project

1 :- Install Platino module that you have just downloaded

2 :- Add Platino iOS and Android modules in tiapp.xml file module section.


<module platform="android">co.lanica.platino</module>

<module platform="iphone">co.lanica.platino</module>


Components Support:-

  • OpenGL
  • Isometric Tile Engine
  • Sprite Sheets
  • Particles
  • Physics
  • 2.5D Support
  • Camera Scene

Why to use PLATINO:-

  • A very handy game engine as compared to others
  • Decent group behind it
  • A wide future set
  • Can yield for each real mobile platform