How PHP is Perfect For Your Business

PHP is one of the fastest growing technology in the Internet market today. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and was designed in 1994 for making dynamic web pages in short span of time. PHP has created a boom in the industry and has been adopted in Linux for their web servers. This language is very easy to learn and it has the capability of working with various operating systems. Many businessmen have started taking its advantage in their business because of its few qualities like cost effective, strong performance and highly modest nature. One of the most important reasons that why developers chose PHP is its ease of use and simplicity. PHP is very easy to learn and that is why people are more keen to learn this scripting language rather PERL, ASP that plays a competitive role with PHP. Beginners can start taking small projects by going the basic knowledge of PHP however, the scripting languages ASP, PERL need qualified developers to work upon. PHP commands are very easy to embed in HTML coding and easily executable on the server without needing any additional hardware of software and deliver web pages to the users.


Today, many businesses are turning to mobile app development but PHP websites are still in great these days. Another very important benefit of PHP is its interoperability i.e. it can operate on various system simultaneously. You can use PHP with any platform say Windows, Mac or Linux, Apache server whereas in contrast ASP is designed only for Microsoft embedded systems. It is important to use that language that is portable that you can use upon any operating system. It is especially important for those businesses that keep on changing their OS with time or may use one or more operating systems. It is an awesome option for those businesses that are moving to like to save money by using PHP rather than spending large sums of money for any other scripting language. PHP is said to be an open source product with worldwide developers that continually work on it to make it a powerful tool. It was discovered in 1994 and since then developers are working on it and have successfully created a large library of add-ins to this language to make it the best product ever.This is important for the web, where businesses develop web-based applications that respond to the real-time demands of e-Commerce.

PHP enables many companies to deploy their web-based solutions quickly and modify them according to their requirement and for that they do post graphic design jobs every year to hire new resource. We all know that PHP is a stable and reliable language for administrators in an organization and it is easily customized to work with various databases. It is also very lightweight, fast designing a script that performs exceptionally well. Number of companies have realized that PHP development is the best solution for their web server needs due to its many advantages. According to a survey at Netcraft in 2001, PHP has gained an immense popularity with a monthly rate of 7-10%. You will not believe but PHP 24% of total websites on the Internet are made of the PHP language and at the time of the survey, it was recorded that 7 million sites are using PHP.