Is it wise to convert a Titanium iOS app to Swift or Objective-C?

There is a massive number of people thinking to learn new Swift language or Objective C to code iOS apps. Different people have different opinions but i got an advice from a senior professional that i should go with Objective C. Here are the details:

I should definitely learn Objective C. Well, we know that Swift is a new core language and Apple will encourage us to use it. No doubt, it will take a long time before Objective C is not needed. In iOS 8 Core, all of the libraries and APIs have been to be moved over to Swift, and that will only happen after the core of Swift is complete which still hasn’t happened yet, there are still many bugs which are seen.

It will not be wrong if i say that you will find that great knowledge of Objective C will be going to help you understand how the iOS SDK works in terms of Swift language. It will happen so many times that when a program crashes, you will definitely be trawling through Objective C code to see the errors and why it get crashed- means that you will going to trawl Objective C, not the Swift. Actually, Swift is created so that you can write crisp code in instead of long codes lines that is too time consuming. Swift language is great, but if you don’t understand how it works you’ll spend more timing working it out. Many developers have eventually start moving over, but having learned Objective C first will make it easier to make that switch.

It is always a better idea to build native apps. You can easily convert Titanium iOS app into Swift or Objective C. I have made a clear cut solution to the problem. You can easily convert your app into Swift language but for that, learn Objective C first.