How to Get Sitelinks for Your Website?

Talking about under links shown beneath the main page of your website on Google search results, actually these are the Sitelinks. Sitelinks show links to specific pages on your website beneath the Meta description of the home page, helping searchers to directly get what they are looking for on your site with in just one click. Links on search results pages displayed on computer systems and tablets can show these links ranging from 2-6 links in addition with main URL.

In some cases, Google may supplement your Sitelinks with the descriptions regarding the information that you have provided in sub-pages. Its upon you that either you can add the description yourself while creating or editing Meta tags, or Google has the audacity to automatically use information directly from your website related to individual pages. Below is the image showing the brand name results of Master Software Solutions in Search Engine SERPS.

How Sitelinks are useful?

  • Shows the side services of your website because it links directly to popular or leading sections of your website.
  • Higher link visibility, thereby helping in getting more leads.
  • Reduces bounce rates.
  • Push competitor sites further down the page because search engine is treating you more trustworthy.

How to Make Sitelinks for your website?

Setup: Begin with the sign-up for a Webmaster Tools account. These tools are free, so one can take full advantage of them as backup analytics sources.

Now you need a Sitemap (.XML) If you previously have a sitemap for your website, you can find it by entering in your browser and in case if you don’t have sitemap, you can create a sitemap yourself or by using a simple solution i.e. XML generator:

On completing with sitemap, download it from, upload the sitemap.xml file to the root directory of your site (from FTP or site’s file manager). Now, you need to enter into the webmaster to upload your sitemap. You will see a window at the right side just like the shown below.

At this level you will be able to enter in your browser and see the sitemap created by you. Now you need to follow the guidelines for submitting your sitemap to Webmaster tools

Noticing case is this that we are never sure that after doing all your sitemap will generate Search Engine Sitelinks or not. You need to make sure that your site’s internal links use anchor text and alt text which is compact but informative and no repetitions. Many theorize that Sitelinks are generated from a combination of website inbound links, branded keywords and lastly traffic. At the end you should make sure that your site’s link structure is fresh and sensible. Doing a little more one should markup contents of your pages to aid Google to decide which internal links to be shown.

At the end of the whole discussion, we come to the conclusion that site links are an open window to your website which enables the user to peep inside without wasting much time.