How To Develop Android Learning Apps

With our focus on mobile learning, we’re frequently struggling to report the multifarious platforms in the mobile technology space. These days, phones are sophisticated, and some are up with operating systems that allow the installation and removal of applications on the device. While this is a communal and accepted pattern on computers, it’s still relatively fresh for mobile devices. Mobile devices in the past came with static features that couldn’t be altered, and a user had to do it with the functionality that conveyed with the device. Talking ahead of future all phones will have sophisticated operating systems, connectivity and sensors; developing applications for phones will be different from typical eLearning as is experienced on desktop computers.

We’ve been developing applications for the iPhone and Blackberry; and we’ve just started Android mobile app development too. While developing such stuff we should keep in mind that we should be up with captivating and fetching content for users reading the content through the Android devices using the assimilated web authoring tool. The numerous types of page template enable you to create the content rapidly. Mobile learning developing involves creating and delivering online quiz or assessment enclosing true/false, fill-in the blanks, essay/long answer, single correct, multiple choice, drag & drop questions to measure your learners’ performance.