Future of Android and Android Developers?

Android application development community has maximum challenges in form of such pioneering futuristic devices. Now, it has very varied nature of viewers and hardware to come up with imagination and best user experiences. Android introduces some influential new features and tools to help developers create and build Web content, apps and add-ons more easily and precisely than ever before. Quite stunned by Android’s potential as a single development platform that can make apps accessible on a wide range of devices. Ranging from smartphones to televisions. Android is now being used on a progressively diverse collection of hardware.

Fortunately, we have the best and latest technological advancements in form of Cloud computing backend or server side backend for mobile applications and for this we can calculate the future of android and its developer which will reach the ninth cloud. We can employ them in our Android app development easily and resolve eventual problems of testing everything on client devices with fragmentation issues. We have only known set of OS, hardware and tools to deal with on cloud and servers. Hence crumbling on innovative devices are affecting at zero level because we are assigning cloud backend or server backend with unified and smooth user experiences.