Fruit Berry : Fight of Luck With Fruits

We all must have heard a very popular saying, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Fruit Berry slot machine game helps you to think just a little bit more about the importance of fruits in our day to day life with fabulous colors and yummy tastes of different fruits so that you can enjoy this slots machine online absolutely FREE.

So the amazing combination of fruits and game in one basket should reach a ninth cloud of popularity as it is a full package consisting of healthiness and entertainment which that is enough to refresh your mood after a hectic schedule.

This unique idea of using fruit theme for our slot game was just keeping in mind the importance of fruits and the way they are healthy and the zeal of playing Jackpot, competing with our own luck.

At the core, I am very excited about this fruitful slot machine game which is iOS based and as earlier told it’s a slot machine which works when we pull the lever. When we pull the lever the slot machine starts and the fruit start showering down and the moment you become lucky to get a hit with a combination of yummy fruits you get points according to the combination you hit and points bet.


Overall, the features are great with competitive bets and great chances of winning remarkable value prizes which may be enough to flaunt yourself among Facebook friends. Yes, you heard it right!. You can share your points with your Facebook Friends and invite them to play this amazing fruit shower.

The first look of the game is so apprehending in it that you wouldn’t give a second thought to play with fun graphics and super fun sounds. When we hit the combination of fruits a pop-up animation occurs showing the marks you gained and sound effect is programmed which is truly amusing, adds an enthusiasm of playing another level for victory. You will be amazed with different sound effects for various combo’sof fruits after every trigger.

 Enjoy the Coin Shower

he pop-up effect showing the marks you have earned and yes, we cannot miss to mention Coin Shower you will enjoy on the Jackpot !! Besides gaining marks, deduction of marks is also a part where your marks get deducted from the previous one’s if you don’t hit any of the combo’s according to the bet you make. This additional feature makes the most interesting part of the game. You lose little after earning much.

So try your luck here ………….. and I can bet you it’s hard not to chuckle out of enjoyment and pure fun while playing Fruit Berry.