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Jun 27

iOS8 Concept – Most Awaiting Platform

Everyone seems to be waiting for the launch of iOS8 platform and I am sure it will not receive as much debate and resonance as iOS7 did during and before its launch. It may be because people are assuming it is going to be same as iOS7 with a couple of applications added. I am 

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Jun 26

Unity 3D Games: Ultimate Gaming Experience

Unity 3D games have gained immense popularity since its invention. They are created with the purpose of providing players with a life like experience. It can be more described as providing the environment where players feel himself a central character of the game and face challenges to meet the goal. However, creating such an environment 

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Jun 25

Parse: A Technology Stack

Creating apps are never a challenging task but the question that arises at every outset is “why do we keep all the files as storage”, often a folder in your system but is it safe? The parse is a new technology in market that does everything in terms of making an attractive app in short 

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Jun 24

vTiger Customization & Integration

When people ask about “what is CRM”, the most common answer they get is “Customer Relationship Management” but do you think these 3 words can describe the exact meaning of CRM. This definition of CRM is too narrow to explain the working of a software that can be used to its full potential to expand, 

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Jun 21

Working With Sails.Js is Interesting

Sail.js is a new framework with more focus on defaults and framework than Node.js. Sail.js framework has made it easy to build complex apps and provide out of box facilities. Let us know Sail.js development in more details. How Sails.js is different from others? Sails.js is created out of necessity and the reason to choose 

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Jun 19

Node.Js – Powerful Runtime System

Javascripteats the world everyday with its advancement in technology and tools. New technologies are emerging in the market with the breakneck pace. Node. gas is one of the most powerful runtime system that was invented in 2009 and has extended to the server side. node. us has made a wide popularity with the coders worldwide 

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Jun 3

Create Best iPhone Apps According Your Business

The trend of making iPhone apps has already got enough fame that people are earning thousands of dollars on a weekly basis. Now, I am sure that you might be thinking about creating an iPhone application to make money easily. How to Create iPhone Apps? A lot of people are searching and looking for different 

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May 27

Android Development – New Trends of Success

The operating system Android has gained a never ending popularity since its launch on September 2008. Android has successfully made a wide market worldwide and keep on releasing latest version to retain its customers. Android based smartphones are increasing day by day and so the number of apps. there is a tremendous increase in number 

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May 21

How PHP is Perfect For Your Business

PHP is one of the fastest growing technology in the Internet market today. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and was designed in 1994 for making dynamic web pages in short span of time. PHP has created a boom in the industry and has been adopted in Linux for their web servers. This language is very 

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May 14

Master Software Solutions – Technology Simplified

Master Software Solutions – Technology Simplified The Master software solution is the web development company, committed to offer best quality web designing services. Known best all over the world for professional work done in a timely fashion. MSS has a specialized team for every technology they have in their store. MSS is a hub for 

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