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Nov 10

5 Simple tips to come up with an impressive Mobile App UX

  Desktop experience and mobile experience are far out different from each other. This difference is mostly in question because of the fact that the same website renders a unique user experience on different platforms. Coming back to the user experience aspect, it is extremely vital for businesses else companies can lose a lot of 

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Nov 7

Why Unity 3D is best for Game Development

  Game Development has rapidly evolved in the last few years. Now most of the companies make 3D games because these games are able to achieve high level of interaction and give a real feeling to the player. In short, such games are interactive, engaging and highly addictive. Unity3d is one of the most famous 

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Nov 3

Recent & Popular Web Development Trends

  Over the last two decades, web development has undergone a huge change. What started from one-page single design layout has now evolved into mobile-friendly responsive website designs. This shows that technology never halts, it just gets better with time. Since we focus on re-inventing ourselves with time, so does our practice. In case you 

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Oct 31

Google’s Strategy to knock out Mobile Pop Ups

Google is notorious for its ever-changing algorithms. Continuing the legacy, Google has recently announced its plan to knock out mobile pop-up ads. The reason for doing away with the ads is to improve the user experience. These pop ups are annoying and distracting for the users. However, these pop-ups are also a major source of 

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Oct 27

7 Simple Ways To Make your Blog Post SEO Friendly

  Today’s post will focus on 7 simple ways that can help you optimize your web blog posts to the maximum and improve how your blog appears in the search engine results. So, if you want to know more, then just keep on reading.   7 Simple Ways To Make your Blog Post SEO Friendly 

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Oct 24

Why Mobile Site is as crucial as Mobile App

Even though the fame of Mobile Apps is growing rapidly, the fundamental importance of websites – mobile or desktop – cannot be ignored. The primitive switch from desktop to mobile led to the development of a responsive site, which further paved the way for the development of the app. Now that users are more inclined 

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Oct 20

Xamarin Decoded: Cross Platform App Development

  The second technology we would be discussing today in our post series on Cross Platform App Development is Xamarin. Mobile Applications made using Xamarin look and feel like native applications because they are. Why? Because Xamarin uses native user interfaces, and APIs and provides native performance. With native user interface control, a developer can 

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Oct 17

PhoneGap Decoded: Cross Platform App Development

  Continuing with our previous topic, Cross Platform Application Development, today we will discuss about one of the top notch technology that allows for a breezy development of app that runs across different devices and operating system. Today’s technology is PhoneGap, a widely famous open source framework that allows the developers to leverage many features, 

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Oct 13

Decoded: Cross Platform App Development

  With a wide range of devices running on different platforms, the need to come up with efficient cross platform software is highly challenging. It is particularly challenging for businesses as well as developers to choose a technology that can help them bring out a software or product that runs across different platforms. Today we 

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Oct 10

Fundamentals of Node.JS Development

  Node.JS is a highly sought-after open source technology that is deemed best to develop highly scalable network applications. Because Node.JS specifically uses JavaScript, it is capable of running on both the browser and the server. With this technology, developers can now work in an event-driven runtime environment that lets them come up with dramatic 

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