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Why need of programing language?

The programming language is the proper and easy way of writing complex-ed programs which enables us to write efficient programs and develop software, applications, and games etc. They provide a programmer with a proper environment to do programming. Here are several features which explain why programming languages are needed: 1. To advance your ability to 

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SEO Benefits of Link Building

Link building is utterly important and challenging SEO skill that needs special attention. Essentially, it’s a termination of several different skills where you need to master in content creation, sales, programming, social media etc. if you want other people to regularly link to your site. The links were not everything in Search Engine Optimization, but 

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Create a different Home page for logged In user in Magento

Today we will create a simple plugin to display different home page for logged-In user and guest user without hacking magento core code. If you don’t have knowledge about plugin structure and want to know then you can go to the following link: If you feel little lazy then download code directly from my 

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