Android Development – New Trends of Success

The operating system Android has gained a never ending popularity since its launch on September 2008. Android has successfully made a wide market worldwide and keep on releasing latest version to retain its customers. Android based smartphones are increasing day by day and so the number of apps. there is a tremendous increase in number of innovative games, apps, various utilities, business apps. The marketing is bombarded with android based smartphones and it is increasing at the rate of 32 percent every month which is stunning record in itself. You can see dozens of smartphones with new features every second or third day and technology is growing with rapid speed thereby rising the competition level in the market.

Now, allow me to discuss few advantages of Android platform:

I) One of the very primary advantage of using Android platform id that it can be operated on multiple technologies such as CDMA, GSM, Wi-Fi, EDGE etc. to share data, pictures, videos and many more.

II) Android operating system provides comprehensive designs with both 2D and 3D. It also provides images, video and audio libraries along with it.

III) Peer-2-Peer using Google Talk is available within it.

IV) Most wanted features such as fully HD Camera, graphics, Video Cameras, Touchscreens, GPS, accelerometer, apps to connect with friends, spend time with Xbox games and many more are available.

V) You will also get SQLite module integrated for storing data.

Large number of companies not in India but also in China and Philippines are also working on mobile apps for Android. Make programmers makes the best use of Android SDK, leverages and latest technologies and come up with innovative and imaginative games and apps. In recent years, Android developers has really worked hard and created many apps with the framework and also create same apps for PDAs, Pocket PCS and many other gadgets. Here, I am going to list down few Android app development services which may help in getting the best smartphones.

I) Thousands of android apps for different android based smartphones.

II) you can create you’re your own app according to your needs and requirements.

III) Java based apps for games and business utilities.

IV) No Viruses and high level data security

V) Testing and insurance of quality work issued.