As an internet marketing specialist, I have never been to this analysis position where I need to think whether CSS fonts in HTML affects SEO. Firstly, I am thankful because this question has given me an opportunity to search the web and get the query solved.

The question is very interesting and the answer is more challenging to find the correct answer. In today competitive world, everything you do make some effects whether bad or good. The simple answer to the question is NO but I would say it depends on the CSS rules applied whether it would affect SEO results or not.

The query raised is: whether the following code affects SEO.

<h1>L<span style="letter-spacing: -5px">a </span>
<span class="bletter">C</span>harte qualité mes <span class="bletter">R</span>ideaux</h1>

The clear answer is No. It will not hurt SEO efforts and it is very much normal to use markup effects to get attractive visibility. The tag <span> itself has no semantic meaning behind it and of course, don’t change the weight of the word for search engines. For instance, the word ‘candyman’ will rank for both ‘candy man’ and ‘candyman’ and there will be no issues with user view. Your audience will see accurate paperweight for the word you can worked for.

Basically the tag <span> is used to group the inline elements in a document. It is also known as a Designer Tag and having ability of influencing SEO results. But if take examples of other tags like <h1>wordname_<span>word</span></h1>, where _ is the symbol of providing space.

If you make the tag <span> sits lonely in the party hub, then I will not be able to do anything but it will rock the dance floor if you introduces it with CSS. Below is an example to understand the power of <span>:

An Apple, <span style=”font-variant: caps”> a day, keeps Doctor </span> Away

The result will be: An Apple A DAY, KEEPS DOCTOR Away

The span tag and CSS can be used to change the font color and size, to underline or to add a background color or any image, to box in text and many more things. There are thousands of ways to use the simple tag.