Link building is utterly important and challenging SEO skill that needs special attention. Essentially, it’s a termination of several different skills where you need to master in content creation, sales, programming, social media etc. if you want other people to regularly link to your site. The links were not everything in Search Engine Optimization, but search professionals characterize a large portion of the engines’ algorithms to the link-based factors. Through links, the engines can not only investigate the popularity of a website but also metrics like trust, spam, rank and authority.


Links on web build a relationship between pages and sites that are important to both search engines and marketers. Google, use links to crawl the website, find new pages, compute their popularity, and also regulate the relevancy of results.


There was a short-lived time in SEO history where we used to build thousands of spam links and watch our site climb to the top of the first page. The scenario has been changed now. SEO experts today are committed to provide quality backlinks through internet marketing techniques thereby devoting precious resources like time, money, and skilled labor over their link building campaigns.


As we are well versed with the fact that search engines value quality over quantity in the present time. We need to get quality links from relevant, authority sites which is touted to be a daunting task but when you plot the cream of the top crop links, the rewards are giant: high-converting search engine traffic gathers to your website which points to more leads, sales, and more of revenue for your business.

Link Building

  • Link signals: Link signals are considered by specialized SEO professionals when measuring the link value and to the site’s link profile. It is a platform to get crowd-sourced signals and considered to be the best way of creating SEO links that can drive targeted traffic to the website.
  • Global popularity: The most popular and important a site is, the more links from that site stock. To earn trust and authority you need the help of other link partners. The more popular links, the better.
  • Link neighborhood: By looking at the entirety of these spam links in aggregate, search engines should take benefit from “link neighborhood”. It is just another way of letting Search Engines crawl, ranks and sort our web pages by eliminating the useless information we get while various other backlink sources.
  • Freshness: Link signals tend to fall-off over time. So it is important not only to earn links to your website, even continue to earn additional links over time. Promoting and sharing fresh content on high authority links always makes a big difference.
  • Social Sharing: The last few years have seen an explosive bang in the amount of content shared via social services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

So, concluding here with a shot message “No more short cuts to Link Building“. The process of link building is not an easy cup of cake and is surely time consuming but yet effective. It’s a time to to do it in exact manner so that you are able to stop fearing the Google reaper.